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Napa Valley Register | Please the Palate A sense of place with Gary Farrell Pinot Noirs

Theresa Heredia

August 13, 2020

Byline: Allison Levine

Pinot Noir is a finicky grape that demands particular conditions to thrive. It matters where it is planted, and the soil and climate are of the utmost importance. And, in the end, these subtle differences in the terroir will be reflected in the wine. One winery that focuses on the nuances of Pinot Noir from one vineyard to another is Gary Farrell Winery.

“At Gary Farrell, we work with 36 different vineyards,” said winemaker Theresa Heredia. “What’s been really eye-opening for me is working not only with different growers and their farming techniques, but the different fruit qualities from those different sites and the different climates from the different grapegrowing techniques those farmers use.”

For more than 37 years, Gary Farrell Winery has made small-lot artisanal wines from vineyards in the Russian River Valley…Read More at the Napa Valley Register

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