Gary Farrell Winery
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A Pioneer of the

Russian River Valley

Our Legacy

A Grand Cru of the Russian River Valley for more than three decades, we produce wines of balance, elegance and pure varietal expression.
Ritchie Vineyard

The Land

Vineyards of distinction. Passionate growers. Unparalleled relationships. With each and every bottle, these are the cornerstones of our winemaking.


Single Vineyard Designates

Inspiration Series

Russian River Selections

Single Vineyard Designates

Exquisitely crafted Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, each portraying the unique perspective of its individual vineyard site.

Inspiration Series

Our “lightning in a bottle” collection - capturing a moment that only happens once. Each wine offers a brilliant snapshot of time and place.

Russian River Selections

A true taste of the Russian River Valley, expressed with the hallmark elegance of Gary Farrell: balanced, nuanced and eminently food-friendly Pinot Noir and Chardonnay.
Savor the Russian River Valley

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Named a Top 100 Winery in 2019 by Wine & Spirits Magazine, we invite you to visit our Russian River winery and tasting salon and immerse yourself in a true sense of place.

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