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Forbes | Theresa Heredia Of Gary Farrell Winery On ‘Capturing The Essence Of Place’


Theresa Heredia is the chief winemaker at Gary Farrell Winery in Sonoma’s Russian River Valley. While the winery itself doesn’t own any vineyards, there is an elemental importance placed on grower partnerships. Many of them made on “handshake deals” with pioneers of the region: Rochioli, Allen, Hallberg and more.

“Coming to Gary Farrell in 2012, I had access to growers I’d always looked up to,” says Heredia, who has a reputation for experimenting with winemaking techniques that match the growing site. Heredia and her team are able to select from specific vineyard sites around the region to produce the Gary Farrell portfolio, a selection that is defined by terroir. “I have adapted winemaking techniques for each vineyard and producer,” says Heredia. “With no formula, I can capture the essence of place.”… Read more at Forbes

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