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Food & Wine: Pork and Pinot

At Gary Farrell, we are obviously crazy about Pinot Noir, and we love to come up with fun pairings to showcase the versatility of our wines. One of our favorite meats to start with is pork- all different cuts and preparation styles, as pinot and pork share some commonalities that truly make it a match made in heaven.

Most red wine pairings begin by finding a wine and dish that share common flavor elements. Opulent, juicy flavors are often found in both pinot and pork; additionally, the meat can have a smoky undertone in many of its popular dishes, which works well with a similar note found in many pinot noirs.

Pulled pork is a classic dish at picnics and family gatherings in the warm spring and summer months. While beer is often the chosen consider a Pinot Noir! The smoky, sweet barbecue sauce can pair wonderfully with pinot, which will often have similar flavors. For bonus points, try a cherry-based barbecue sauce with black pepper. This would be a perfect match for our 2014 Gap’s Crown Vineyard.

One of our favorite appetizers involving pork is bacon-wrapped scallops. While these can be a challenge to pair, as scallops and pork would generally have different optimal pairings, a pinot noir is a perfect choice! The wine is delicate enough to not overwhelm the scallops, while the fatty, caramelized, smoky flavors from the bacon will be highlighted by the medium acidity of most pinots. We would recommend our 2015 Fort Ross Vineyard for this particular pairing, which has lovely coastal pinot notes while maintaining enough tannin to stand up to the bacon.

In the cooler fall and winter months, pork roasts and tenderloins become a go to dish for many home chefs. When they are cooked with a fruit-based glaze, pinot becomes a wonderful compliment. The wine will accentuate these flavors while adding its own profile, as if the wine is an ingredient in the sauce. Our 2015 Martaella Vineyard will provide many of the berry and spice notes that are likely found in the glaze as well.

This is just the tip of the iceberg- the possibilities are endless when it comes to pairing Pinot Noir with Pork. We hope you can join us on October 6th as we celebrate harvest in Sonoma County with our annual “Toast and Roast” whole pig bbq by Chef Daniel of Backyard Forestville. Details and Tickets can be found here.

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