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Corkscrew Concierge | When Site Trumps Clones – An Exploration Of Gary Farrell Pinot Noir

August 14, 2020

Byline: Kat Rene

I’m sometimes skeptical when I go to a place that makes 10-15 (or more) different types of wine. How can you really get the best out of that many varietals? Often, they can’t and we end up with two or three good wines with the rest ranging from OK to mediocre. So when you see a producer really hone in on a handful of varietals, you (or at least I do) have a greater expectation that they are going to bring out the best in those varietals. Enter Gary Farrell Pinot Noir and it’s all-in commitment to this notoriously finicky variety.

Some Background

Gary Farrell, a true Russian River pioneer, made his first wine (a Pinot Noir) from the famed Rochioli Vineyard back in 1982. He was actually the first winemaker for Rochioli Vineyards and in one of the early years, he was actually paid in grapes. Seems like it all worked out. In those early years, Gary worked alongside other future Russian River pioneers such as Davis Bynum, Joe Rochioli, Joe Swan – all names we associate with quality Russian River wine today. Though he sold his namesake winery, the current ownership is just as committed to crafting exceptional, cool-climate Pinot Noir and Chardonnay… Read more at Corkscrew Concierge

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